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glass into architecture

Crystal object

White Tower

Imagine 3.8 m high crystal tower made only from glass. More than one ton of crystal. More than 500 pieces that had been hand cutted and polished piece by piece by our master cutter Petr Stehlík. Imagine exact 1:20 scale model of existing White Tower in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.


The glass model of the White Tower is unique in the world. It captures the White Tower, one of the most important Renaissance buildings in the city with its original Gothic chapel of St. Kliment that underwent a Baroque reconstruction in 1747. The model is illuminated with special RGB lights that allow you to change its appearance throughout the color spectrum. It was made of hand-polished blocks of extra clear glass. These blocks are completed by hand cut and blown shapes in a combination of glossy and matt glass.


In 2016 the reconstruction of the White Tower won the National Architecture Award 2016 Grand Prix Architektu.

Hradec Králové,
Czech Republic


Petr Stehlík

Chmelík & Partneři

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