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Kolektiv Ossiano Restaurant4373_HDR.jpg

Lighting installation


We are thrilled to unveil our latest masterpiece at Ossiano Michelin Star Restaurant, located at Atlantis the Palm, Dubai.

Inspired by the ethereal beauty of bubbles gently dancing beneath the waves, our team at Kolektiv Ateliers have crafted a mesmerizing glass art installation that will transport you to the enchanting depths of the ocean. 

Our exquisite glass creations take center stage, complementing fashion and fine dining in perfect harmony. Embrace the beauty of creativity in every aspect of life.


Ossiano Michelin Star Restaurant at Atlantis the Palm, is known for its unique underwater setting, and our glass work plays a central role in enhancing this immersive experience. It is situated within the restaurant's dining area, allowing guests to dine while surrounded by marine life.

Ossiano Michelin Star Restaurant, Atlantis The Palm

Dubai, UAE



Kateřina Handlová

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