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Lighting sculpture

Mind Reflection 

Visitors to Europe’s hottest new luxury life style destination, FIVE Zurich, will witness a mesmerizing sculptural glass creation nestled in the midst of a historical curved grand staircase housed on the property. 

Fashioned by glass boutique conceptualizers and producers, Kolektiv Aterliers, this eye-catching lighting installation is inspired by the human mind - and its fascinating response to music. 

This impressive colossus of lights rises across every floor of FIVE Zurich, from the ground floor lobby to the upper floors, where the iconic Penthouse lounge and night club is located.


Consisting of a combination of several types of glass (over 1000 pieces of blown and fused glass) made by different glass techniques – all of which were formed in the workshop of Czech glassmakers from Nový Bor, the components also include special dichroic glass, fused glass and densely shaped crystal, with a sanded effect that are internally lit by RGBW illumination - which in turn fuels the dynamic colour changes of the piece.

Five Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland


Kateřina Handlová

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