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glass into architecture


Czech National Museum

As part of the reconstruction of the National Museum in Prague, we have implemented 426 replicas of hand-painted panels of richly decorated glass ceiling, the dome and some windows covering the 287 m2 of the space. Our in-house artist Zdeněk Kudláček and his colleagues worked on this unique painting technology on safety glass for almost one year.

During World War II the original glass ceiling was completely destroyed and subsequently replaced by cheap white plexiglass, which served for roofing for several decades until 2018. Only a few drawings, a few fragments from the shards of the original glass, and negatives on the glass plates that have been digitized have been preserved in the National Museum depository. These modest materials then served to define the original color of the painting.

The renovated building of the National Museum on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia was officially reopened on October, 28th 2018 during the formal ceremony. We were proud to had been part of this beautiful and important work.

Czech Republic


Zdeněk Kudláček

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