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Lighting sculpture

Atlantis The Palm

Kolektiv Ateliers have brought to life its latest lighting installation at Dubai’s leading resort, Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai and delivered over four thousand handmade bohemian crystal pieces crafted in beautiful aquamarine ocean shades for the resort’s Conference Center refurbishment. 

The pivotal inspiration for our light installations were the magnificent sea animals. The elegant chandeliers, you will have the chance to marvel at in the hotel’s prefunction area, were inspired by the shapes of graceful fish movements gliding through the waters. At first glance, it might seem that glass and the sea have little in common, but the opposite is true. At first, the depths of the sea and the crystal glass are connected by their formability, transparency, and playfulness. Aquamarine shades in combination with sand yellow evoke the unifying tones of deep sea and midday sun. The glossy surface of the glass reflects the sun's rays just like shoals of fish below the surface of the sea.

The walls of the ballroom are decorated with lights inspired by the fragile, yet majestic sea urchin shells. Sea urchins live in round shells, the fragility of which evokes the primary property of glass. The moment the lights come on, is when this installation comes to life. It is not only the urchin-inspired shape which stands out, but it is all the small details, such as the design of spikes, which originally protect sea urchins and their shell from possible danger in the depths of the sea. The attachment of this installation corresponds to the ability of sea urchins to suckle and move on the seabed. This design is dominated by marine tones of dark and light blue, in combination with clear glass. Watch the video here.

Atlantis The Palm

Dubai, The Palm Jumeirah, UAE


Denisa Lisik Lukacova
Hanka Vítková


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