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glass into architecture

Amsterdam Centraal

The total installation consists of 31 light columns.


The luminaires are made by modern fusing technology in the studio of Michal Ullrich. In order to achieve the perfect shape of the individual components, it was necessary to use the computer 3D model technology and subsequent 3D printing to prepare very precise forms for glass slumping. To achieve the desired aesthetic effect we used layered glass that locked glass micro bubbles in thus helped to illuminate the entire glass. As a light source, LED technology with adjustable light temperature was used to be in tune with its surroundings. The frame is made of hand-polished high-quality stainless steel.


A number of important factors had to be taken into account in the preparation of this project. The luminaires are located in a passage through which tens of thousands of people pass every day. It was necessary to maintain the safety of passengers even in the event of an accident or vandalism. The station is very busy and passing trains carry significant vibrations throughout the building.

Gielissen Neos

Benthem Crouwe
Studio Merk X




Michal Ullrich

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